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Once you know what colours look best on you, shopping for makeup, clothing and even home furnishings becomes easy because you know what will look great and what you should not to even try. Plus you can save a look of money by not buying items that do not make you look terrific!  

Here are some tips:

  1. Colours do you normally feel good in? Do you look great in silver or gold jewellery? Does white look better on you or ivory?
  2. Look at your veins – are they blue or green (don’t panic if they appear green;  they are not; it is just that if you are a warm skin, it is the yellow of your skin making them appear green).
  3. Basically, if silver and white make you glow, you are cool!  If gold and ivory make you glow, you are warm!
  4. So, for cool colouring – blue toned colours.  For warm colouring – yellow toned colours.
  5. Blue toned colours – think true, blue – intense cool people will look best in navy, black, white, red shocking pink, grey; softer cool people will look best in soft blues, rose-brown, navy, rose pink, lavender, plum and silver jewellery. Lipstick – pinks or for intense cool people – true red (no orangey shades); blush – pink, plum or for intense cool – burgundy.
  6. Yellow tones colours – think clear, yellow – intense warm people will look best in dark brown, camel, beige, orange, gold moss green; softer warm people will look best in golden brown, camel, peachy pink, peach, soft blues, golden yellow and gold jewellery. Lipstick – mocha, light peach, coral or for intense warm – dark peach.

Always look at your face, not the colour, when trying things on.  What looks best on you?

Enjoy using colours to make you look and feel great!  Post any comments below.  We love to hear from you!