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Yes! You want to always protect your skin against UV damage from the sun as it can cause skin cancer.  Using sun protection is the best way to protect it and to prevent sun-induced ageing and lines.

Even if you feel that you are fine because you use sun protection when you are outdoors for long stretches in the summer, sun damage is cumulative.  This means even those 15 or 20 minutes that you are outside running around without protection add up to sun damaged skin over the years.

There are two types of sun protection – chemical and physical. People can be more sensitive to chemicals so a physical sunscreen can be more appealing.  It’s literally a physical barrier as opposed to a chemical that can seep into the skin.

Brooklyn Greenspa’s physical sun protection product is Éminence’s Sun Defense Minerals collection.  They’ve become a bestseller for us.  Drop in and test them out for yourself.