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Even before the Coronavirus pandemic, hygiene standards have always been vital to prevent the risk of cross contamination, whether from the staff, clients or dirty tools and premises.

Fungi, viruses, parasites and bacteria can easily spread and we at Brooklyn Greenspa have never cut corners in protecting our staff and clients from risks. Your safety and security are always our first priority.

As you may know, we have several policies unknown to other salons –  we have never wanted to penny pinch and cut corners where your health and safety are concerned.

However, when the lockdown eventually lifts, we want to be super transparent about our steps and measures, as we know that clients are now going to be much more aware and cautious – and rightly so.

Here follows a non-exhaustive list of the things we have done and will continue to do for the protection of all – and some additional measures in alignment to our health and safety consultants’ advice:

Social distancing: our treatments have always been in separate rooms. We will be monitoring the flow of visitors to the salon in accordance with government guidelines.

Furniture: all our furniture and furnishings are made of material that can be regularly disinfected, unlike other salons that may have fabric-covered seating.  On reopening, seating, door handles, sink and toilet handles, etc will be sanitised after each client.

Tools:  all our non-disposable tools are soaked in Barbicide and then put in a UV cabinet sterilizer -– a belts and braces approach.

Floors: our floors are tiled which makes for easy vacuuming and steaming.  

Shoes-off policy: our already in place policy to remove outdoor shoes before entering the spa area comes into its own – as we now know that the virus can be carried in on footwear.  As usual, you will be offered slippers to wear during your visit. 

Disposable sheets: we have always used environmentally-friendly disposable sheets and will continue with this practice.

Double-dipping: this has always been in our mind an unsanitary way of saving wax spatulas.  We never do this, since the wax is never heated to a temperature which would kill all germs.  The only time double-dipping would be acceptable is if the wax pot were mono-use.

Masks: all our staff will be wearing masks for the foreseeable future, regardless of the treatment.  You, as a client, will be offered a throw-away mask for the duration of your stay with us.

Gloves: once again, our staff will be wearing gloves for most treatments for the near future.  For massage treatments, hands will be washed thoroughly prior and post treatment.

Training: although the salon has been shut, our staff have all undertaken a certificate training class in Infection Prevention & Control.

Refreshments: we will be offering our signature lemon water to you in disposable paper cups. 

Obviously, between now and reopening we will be checking for government and salon health and safety updates to ensure optimum protection for you and our staff.

We are soooo looking forward to welcoming you back and letting us take care of you.  In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding our measures, please fill out the box below or give us a call.