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If you think that facials are just an occasional pampering treat for your skin, read on.

Most people follow a daily skin care routine as basic upkeep but there are benefits in letting a pro take care of your skin, too.

Why a professional facial? Not in any particular order…

1. Deep cleanse your skin (obviously, but…)

A professional facial will give you a really thorough and deep cleanse, using a combination of steam (in facials over 30 minutes), professional grade products, techniques and equipment which are not available to you at home.

2. Blood circulation makes you glow 

Massage is known to improve blood circulation. Improved blood circulation in your face means that more oxygen and nutrients are transported to the skin giving you a healthier, more glowing look.

3. Treat under-eye area for puffiness and promote drainage

Many are unaware that you do need a specific product for your eye area, since the skin here is much thinner than elsewhere.  A delicate massage is used during the facial to reduce puffiness and stimulate drainage and specific products can be applied to assist. 

4. Prevent signs of ageing 

Regular facials and face massages boost cell regeneration and promote collagen development to give you a younger looking skin.

5. Extraction 

Uncommon in U.K., but much more used on the continent and US for all ages, extraction is a crucial part of the facial. Following a good steam, a trained therapist will use a professional technique to extract blackheads and clear clogged pores without damaging your skin. 

6. Boost the absorption abilities of your skin

Another advantage of a regular pro facial is it increases your skin’s ability to absorb other products effectively. You might be spending a lot of money on cosmetic products, especially serums and moisturisers, only to find that your skin isn’t absorbing them properly or at all.

7. Exfoliate (but not too much!)

People can go exfoliation crazy, with machines, scrubs and the wrong product, thereby ageing the skin prematurely.   By having a good professional exfoliation as part of a regular facial, you can be sure it will be done correctly.   Eminence products used in BG facials contain gentle exfoliating high performance ingredients, to achieve max benefits without the damage.

8. Help detoxify the skin from indoor and outdoor pollution

Your skin needs to get rid of the pollutants that accumulate on it even if you live in fabulous coastal Kent. Indoor pollution comes in different forms:  do you smoke, use harmful chemicals to clean your home or use scented candles or room fresheners that do not have natural ingredients? That’s why a skin detox may be beneficial, depending on the individual’s skin type and condition.  Our Eminence Detox Facial uses detoxifying Microgreens complex, which includes broccoli, radish, clover sprouts to stimulate enzymes which combat the damaging effects of pollution and radiation.

9. Treat Acne, acne marks and sun damage 

Acne and skin damage can be stubborn, but facials can help you in treating them. Aestheticians can use products containing salicylic acid or alpha hydroxy acid to treat skin issues. The Eminence range uses Nature’s own versions of these acids. LED lights can be used to promote the healing, while galvanic equipment can be used to achieve a resurfacing effect.

10. Expert care and guidance

Like a check up for your skin, you receive expert advice on what’s right for your skin now.  Skin and its needs change, depending on environmental factors, stress, age, lifestyle etc. and you receive advice on how to best maintain your skin between professional treatments.

So give it a go! And for maximum benefit try a course at Brooklyn Greenspa – you won’t be disappointed.