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The WOW! just got wower!

Brooklyn Greenspa has been delivering the WOW! Program for a few years but we are relaunching it because it has got better and better and requires some explaining.

We will only ever provide treatments that we are prepared to undergo ourselves.  The photos here are of one of our directors who was able to go straight out glowing, and without that “spa face” red look. The photo on the right was taken straight after the treatment.

WOW Fusion is an innovative needling treatment that allows the practitioner to create and deliver bespoke skincare “cocktails” tailored to individual skincare needs. 

What hasn’t changed:

  • A multi-step facial the result is truly transformational, hence the name “Wow!”
  • No downtime
  • Instant, visible results* of hydration and radiance
  • Long lasting results (the effects of the collagen and elastin boosting continue post treatment)
  • Medical grade facial

What’s new:

  • The longest treatment is now just an hour – meaning it is very much is a lunch break treatment
  • The products have been vastly improved, increasing the WOW! factor People rave about the Sonic Serum and Synergy 6 SPF – to the point they want more (yes, you can purchase from the spa)
  • Multiple variants of the program that literally go into hundreds mean we can create a truly bespoke facial for you!

What are the steps of the Full Hour WOW! Treatment?

1. Deep cleanse using WOW! Glycolic Cleanser

2. Second cleanse using WOW! Salicylic or Lactic Acid cleanser, depending on skin type

2. Wow! medical grade peel – different peels can even be used for different areas!

3. Delivery of WOW Fusion – a “cocktail” of your choice comprising a mix of

  • R-Vit (vitamins and minerals to address dull, lifeless skin, acne, general neglect etc)
  • Age complex (a blend of ascorbic and amino acids to brighten the skin and encourage intercellular activity)
  • Brighten & Hydrate ( a blend of Vitamin C, L-Provene, L-Glycine, L-Valine and Rutin for sun damaged skin, fine lines and wrinkles)
  • Hyaluronic acid (a substance naturally produced by our body whose main function is to retain water and depletes as we age) to hydrate, and plump up the skin.

Delivered using a device containing 20 micro gold needles, thin as a hair, the sensation is slightly uncomfortable.  The micro-needling serves further to stimulate the collagen-generating fibroblasts. 

4. Wow LED mask – left on for ten minutes with a setting specific for your skin (to calm, soothe, generate collagen, treat acne etc)

5. Soothing WOW! gel masque – ten minutes of pure relaxation while you soak up the soothing ingredients to reduce redness, improve appearance of broken capillaries, acne, rashes and burns

6. Prepare you and your skin for the outside world with a WOW! Sonic Serum (a blend of Hyaluronic acid and high levels of Vit C to aid skin regeneration and brighten the complexion) and Synergy 6 SPF (you’ll LOVE the way it evens your tone and enhances the glow!

There are also targeted treatments for:

  • rosacea
  • open pores, oiliness and acne
  • pigmentation

REMEMBER! The effects of the facial develop over time and your skin will be super receptive to all products you apply post treatment.  Our skin care practitioners can advise you on this.


* based on our personal experience