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It is believed that cupping originated thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt but then spread to Greece and throughout the Roman Empire.  It is also used in traditional Chinese medicine. Originally made of animal horn the practitioner would use the cup with heat to create a vacuum and draw tissue into the cup. In modern times the cups were made of glass.

Cupping was actually used as part of Western medicine but decreased in popularity in the early 1900s until it saw a comeback around ten years ago, becoming a favourite with celebrities.

Bellabaci cupping takes this therapy to another level, using silicone cups to avoid discomfort and the tell-tale red rings that are otherwise associated with cupping. The technique differs from traditional cupping in that the cups are not stationery and can be used as part of a massage.

Bellabaci cupping has many known benefits and applications which include the following:

  • cellulite treatment
  • sore muscles
  • stress
  • tissue and joint inflammation
  • fluid retention
  • digestion
  • sciatica 

Should you wish to experience the benefits of this wonderful new addition to our offerings, please just fill in the comment box below or call or email.