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Microcurrent is known to be one of the most effective non-surgical, pain-free and non-invasive methods that can take years off the face.  It has been referred to as the “single most powerful tool for skin therapists”.

Microcurrent is a low level of electricity that triggers chemical reactions, with the aim of enhancing the body’s own collagen (a protein in the body; gives your skin its strength) and elastin (also a protein but responsible for your skin being able to return to its original shape after being pulled/stretched). It assists blood circulation to the skin and gives a work-out to the face muscles.  It mirrors the body‘s own natural electrical currents.

As we age, our face and neck muscles can get used to certain expressions (e.g. frowning, smiling) while other muscles (there are over 40 in the face!) are underworked, which leads to sagging. Secondly, skin cells become less active, leading to the breakdown of collagen and elastin.  Microcurrent works at both these levels to counter the visible signs of ageing; it is a workout for your skin.

What can it achieve?

The result can be firmer, smoother and more hydrated skin which reduces the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. It also has a lifting and tightening effect, hence its nickname “the non-surgical face lift”.

Some or all of the following may be achieved:

-Diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

-Improved muscle tone in face, neck, jowls and eyebrows

-Improved blood circulation, increasing the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells

-Skin colour is improved by blood circulation and elimination of waste

-Reduced acne

-Product penetration leading to smoother, firmer, hydrated and revitalized skin

-Improved elasticity

What’s different about the Brooklyn Greenspa Microcurrent treatment?

As you may already know, we at Brooklyn Greenspa pride ourselves on our use of natural and organic products and the skillful human touch.  As with all our GreenTech treatments, this treatment comprises the 3 component parts, each of equal importance:

  • Delivered by state-of-the-art equipment by Weelko, Barcelona.
  • Active ingredients. We take the efficacy of Microcurrent to a different level by coupling it with award-winning Éminence Organic Skin Care products, voted favourite skin care line for 10 consecutive years by American Spa Professionals.  Using only the purest ingredients without harmful chemicals or additives, and even without machines, Éminence delivers premium and immediate results in a facial.  It was under the public radar until recently, when it made global news for being Meghan Markle’s, the Duchess of Sussex, chosen skin care line.
  • The human touch: This facial is completed with a gentle and restorative acupressure treatment on your neck and shoulders to release stress and relax you. So you not only gain physical benefits but you feel great, too.

How many treatments does it take and how much will it cost?

Like with most things in skin and wellness, there is no quick fix.  This treatment is partly about retraining muscles, so a series of treatments will give the best results.  The comparison would be if you have not exercised for a long time, do one workout at a gym and believe that you should be in great shape after only one workout. Your body will probably be sore but you won’t see too much difference in your body but after doing regular workouts, you would see a difference.

It is the same thing with microcurrent; one treatment will probably give negligible results. Once a series is completed a maintenance program can be put in place whereby a top-up every one or two months will be beneficial.  To achieve optimum results, we recommend a course of 10, although less may be needed. A single treatment costs £75 and a course of 10 costs £600 (a saving of 20%).

The number of sessions will depend very much on the individual client, their age, skin condition, skin care, lifestyle, etc. so a consultation and an honest appraisal by a skin care therapist and reasonable expectations by the client should all be part of the plan.

There are certain clients who should not receive a microcurrent treatment, and a consultation is required before you would receive a treatment. Even if microcurrent is not for you, there are several other treatments that can still assist you with your goal of better-looking and better-feeling skin!

If you are interested, book a free consultation on line and start that journey to your best skin ever year!